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Making disposing and collection of waste more easy while doing it properly and sustainably
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Smart Waste Intelligent Management System

Making disposing and collection of waste more easy while doing it properly and sustainably.


Why us

Issues at Hand

  • Residential waste collection is one of the biggest challenge in Africa today.
  • The waste sector contributes greatly to climate change, and we are already at the verge of topping 1.5 degrees Centigrade. Residential waste collection seems impossible; in fact, it is the most difficult part for waste collectors to maintain.
  • Despite the efforts waste collectors make, they are not still able to fulfil their temporary collection plans.
  • They spend more time, energy, and resources, but it still seems impossible for them to collect all the residential waste.
  • As result dustbins get full and overflow which becomes dangerous to the health (since it serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes) and the climate (since that overflowing results to methane emissions).

Our Solution

SWIMS stands for Smart Waste Intelligent Monitoring System, and we specialize in providing our customers with high-quality hardware and software products designed to make waste disposal and collection easier, more efficient, and more sustainable. Our product line includes a range of innovative solutions, such as smart dustbins, smart dustbin sensors (which are specially designed for commercial use), and DTRACKER (a web platform designed to facilitate waste disposal in Africa).

smart dust bin

About Us

Our Story

our story

Project SWIMS was kicked off by the science club leaders of Government Bilingual Practicing High School Yaounde, Cameroon. This group was led by Fru-Mark Carrington Chei. They started off during the end of the year 2019 during the early out break of the Coronavirus....

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Our Mission

our mission

After a lot of problem validation and research they came up with SWIMS in the year 2021. SWIMS means Smart Waste Intelligent Monitoring System. SWIMS has a mission to build economic solutions for problems sorrounding the waste sector. SWIMS has a unique mission to help avoid the climate crisis and contribute to the fulfilling of the goal 13 of the sustainable development goals.

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What we Offer

Our Products

Our Team

Fru-Mark Carrington Chei FOUNDER & CEO
Tardzenyuy Brian Harris Ngoran CO-FOUNDER
Epotie Alida CO-FOUNDER
Philemon Tebo Tebo UI/UX DESIGNER
Arrey-Etta Software engineer